How We Started

Of course there is a long and detailed version of our story. However, let’s keep it simple – we wanted to bring drone games to erryone and more! If you’d like the detailed version, let’s grab a coffee and chat!

Our Typical Drone Players:

  • Have never flown a drone before
  • Like beer, wine, and spirits
  • Have a general curiosity about drones
  • Have a "Why The Hell Not" attitude
  • Are looking to have fun with their friends

What Our Drone Players Are Not:

  • Jackasses during games
  • Drone techies
  • Cheaters, sourpusses, or complainers
  • Expert drone pilots
  • Quiet or have low energy

FAQ us so we can FAQ you!

Basic League Questions

Each player must be at least 21 years old to play in the league.

No, we provide all equipment including the drones. Please do not bring your own drone!

You trippin'. Hell no!

At the brewery that your team selected during the registration process.

Expect for the games to last around 1.5 hours. I'm sure the brewery will welcome your team to stay longer after the games!

The games will be played on the same day and at the same time each week. The schedule will be brewery specific and will be posted on our league page.

The total cost is $150 per team for the 6 weeks. You can look at it as $6.25/person per week on a 4 player team, or $12.5/person per week on a 2 player team.


Game Specific Questions

This is NOT drone racing. We have have designed games that every skill level can enjoy. Our league game has a small learning curve and high engagement for all players!

The league game is called, 'Drone Hole'. It is a drone corn hole game played in three rounds, which each round will have different rules and challenges.

Hell yeah we did! Players will be dropping a mini bean bag from the drone over a drone-shaped corn hole board. I know it's exciting, but stop screaming..."you're going to wake the neighbors."

The league will be using the Parrot Mambo drone to drop the mini bean bag and the Idea-2 drone to block the opponent's shot during the 'Block Round'. The details of the games will be included in the handbook.

Random League Questions

Yes, this league is being held at a brewery! However, all drinks must stay outside of the game tents.

This is where we get serious. Any player that appears drunk and unruly will not be allowed to fly a drone. If a team has less than 2 sober players, then they will forfeit the remainder of that week's play. We want you to have fun, but we will never sacrifice safety of others or yourself!

It's all gravy as long as your team has at least 2 players! If a team has less than 2 players, then they will forefeit the matches that week. Remember that forfeiting hurts your team and also sucks for the team that was looking forward to the weekly match.

The season winning team from each brewery will face-off at the End-of-Season tournament. This is a great chance to represent your brewery and be titled the Denver drone game champion! Prizes will be given away to the tournament winning team!

Any other Questions? Please Reach out!